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Actuit Assurance

We deploy job specific professional to carry out your job accurately and on time.

Staffing Solution

You can hire trained staff for data entry jobs, accounting, bookkeeping jobs, and tax return preparation support etc.

Tax Ready Financial

Our accounting services starts from software setup, recordkeeping, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts receivable management, and preparing tax ready financial for your CPA to file taxes.

Outsourced Accountant Service India

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Actuit is an outsourced accountant provider to accounting firms in United States and Canada. The professionals at Actuit India are providing all accounting activities irrespective of time commitment, complexity or volume, solely depending upon the requirement of the client.

Since 2008, Actuit is one stop shop for accounting firms providing ,

    • Bookkeeping Services,
    • Accounting Services,
    • payroll services, and
    • Tax Preparation

Actuit provide a dedicated outsourced accountant to  accounting firms, who does all major chunk of accounting activities for them. Thus we extend help to CPA Firm to own a complete accounting back office with us. Actuit houses an experienced team that streamlines the Bookkeeping Process for Accounting Firms and CPA’s.

Most CPA Firms prefer hiring an outsourced accountant with Actuit to handle their bookkeeping processes. This function enables CPA firms to have their accounts handled by professionals and gives them the freedom to focus on the value added services they provide to clients.

Why Outsourced Accountant with us?

You run business every day 24x7 to serve your customers and make sales of your services/products, so it is natural you enter into financial transaction and have to record them. With all industries, there is a list of factors that could affect financial safety of your business. First and most important factor is not having the record keeping done right on time. We help our customer to have accurate record keeping and have accurate financial reports on time to know the financial health of your business.

Not getting bookkeeping done by the qualified accountant may cause the need for even more expensive and serious financial damage to your business in the long run. Actuit, will provide you with bookkeeping services you can count on an affordable rates.

Our highly qualified trained bookkeeping technicians have the expertise and experience to make sure your business financials looks in “tip top” shape. We provide quality accounting and bookkeeping, customized bookkeeping packages, and back on bookkeeping restoration service and other related tasks at affordable prices, all while delivering outstanding service.

With everything that you need form bookkeeping, accounting, and data entry service in your business, you want to make sure it is worth every penny when it comes to visiting at actuit.net. So call Actuit Accounting in New Delhi, India today to set up an appointment.

As an extensive outsourced service team, we offers various online bookkeepers and accountant services that help and support CPA firms.

As a bookkeeping company, Actuit's team has expert level experienced team to work on all major accounting software's such as:

  • QuickBooks™
  • Accounting CS Suite of Software's™
  • Net Suite™
  • Quicken™
  • Sage™
  • MYOB™
  • ERPs™
  • Tax Software Intuit’s Lacerte™
  • Intuit’s Pro Series™
  • ATX™
  • Drake Tax™
  • Pro system FX™ and
  • Go System™

* ™ All above softwares are brands and trade marks of their respective companies. To know more about these softwares please search internet or contact us

Beside above we also provide accounting service on online services like QuickBooks™ online, Xero™ Certified, Intuit Pro-Advisors, and many more.

Financial Resource Center : That helps you control cost, increase productivity and profitability

We help your business: 

  • With affordable staffing solution
  • With qualified resource at reduced costs
  • With improve operational efficiencies and automation
  • With cross functional integration of financial system
  • With accurate and descriptive financial statements on time;
  • Analyze the numbers with your CFO or CPA

Irrespective of type and size of your business, Actuit specializes in accounting and do acoounting as your own accounting department.

Important: In the absense of diligent account reconcialiton, your financial statements, and your tax liability, can be potentially wrong.

thumb up Affordable accounting service within your budgets.

thumb up No longer stress about boring, tedious work that bogs you down and wastes your time.

thumb up Spending An Hour or Two Doing Tasks That Pay Less Then Flipping Burgers At McDonalds

thumb up You will get a QuickBooks(™ of Intuit) representative from our company dedicated to you.

thumb up We reach out to your rep on an as needed basis to request a support meeting.

thumb up We will remotely access your QuickBooks(™ of Intuit) company file. We will work on your company file with you.

We Prepare. Four (4) Essential Financial Reports for Business