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We deploy job specific professional to carry out your job accurately and on time.

Staffing Solution

You can hire trained staff for data entry jobs, accounting, bookkeeping jobs, and tax return preparation support etc.

Tax Ready Financial

Our accounting services starts from software setup, recordkeeping, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts receivable management, and preparing tax ready financial for your CPA to file taxes.

About Actuit:
Actuit is a outsourced back office for CPA firms in Canada and we are team of expert accountants to work for you. For Caseware&trade file preparation help, we can build a trusted relationship and perform all day to day accounting and bookkeeping for your business. Through online collaboration softwares is the world go round for small business owners like you.

Our Guarantee

  • Unbeatable Cost.
  • All emails are replied same day.
  • Turnaround time 3 business days once we have all the information in accordance with the agreed schedule.
We know what you expect from a business partner:

"Thus we are committed to Data Security, Accuracy, Consistency, and Timeliness for each assignment we work for you!"

Caseware NTR File Preparation services

Engagements practitioners are asked to prepare by clients the compilation or Notice To Reader. We prepare compilation financial statements and Notice To Reader when the client provides us with a reliable Trial Balance.

We help you to get more work done in less time with fewer resources at a lower cost to your firm

  • Timeliness, Accuracy and Security are the underpinnings of our three lines of business.
  • Work engagements are executed by professional accountants and technicians.
  • Files are completed to a client’s operating procedures and standards.
  • We service the all practice segments: Compilation, Tax, and Bookkeeping

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Basic Bookkeeping Services

  • Data entry and bank reconciliation service.
  • Financial Statement preparation service.

NTR Compilation and Tax

  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • CaseWare™ working paper files are completed to your standards.
  • Finalized T2 return.

Our Compilation (NTR) service provides accountants with a timely, cost-effective and professionally prepared set of compilation file deliverables.

Key advantages of Offshore Accountant Help:

Advantages to Offshore accountant:
  1. Increased efficiency and profitability
  2. Virtual accountant frees up office space.
  3. No Capital expenditure. Resource saved can be used for core business activities.
  4. Expert accounting and bookkeeping service for a fraction of your current cost.
  5. No Minimum payment.
  6. Month to Month continued service that you can cancel any time.
  7. Fixed price that you pay only for services you use.

We help you to get more work done in less time and at a lower cost to your firm

What We Do for You

  • Roll forward your CaseWare™ file .
  • Import GL or TB to CaseWare™ (according to your preference).
  • Perform variance analysis and an initial review of the general ledger.
  • Prepare a list of required documents (RD).
  • After receipt of required documents, we complete working papers, financial statements and T2.
  • Ensure that major accounts are reconciled and/or reasonableness determined.
  • Ensure the inclusion of continuity schedules for assets, inter-company and shareholder accounts.
  • Marketable securities are reconciled to T3 and T5 slips (if required).
  • Ensure that all source documents are embedded, linked, cross-referenced.
  • Files are prepared, reviewed and returned to you within ten (10) working days.
  • You Receive
  • Completed working papers in CaseWare™.
  • Completed T2 return.
  • Financial statements using your CaseView™ or Jazz-It™ templates.
  • Final adjustments based on your review.
  • GST return (if required).
  • Services-What-We-Do

    Our Compilation (NTR) service provides accountants with a timely, cost-effective and professionally prepared set of compilation file deliverables.

    How you benefit - You get more work done in less time

    How You Benefit
    • Documents are organized into bookmarked PDFs, which shortens review cycle time.
    • All information is referenced and annotated.
    • Every file undergoes a multi-level review by Quality Control group.
    • Preparation of GST returns (if required).
    • Less than 3 working day turnaround time.
    • T1 files are ready for paperless archiving.
    Our Bookkeeping service is a value-add extension to our compilation services delivering the benefits of time-savings and for some, the potential for a new revenue stream.

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    We Prepare. Four (4) Essential Financial Reports for Business