Business Accounting Services For Start Ups Entrepreneurs

Accounting for startup enterpreneurs

Bookkeeping Services – Accounting Services for Start ups from Actuit BPO

Congrats! For choosing the path of entrepreneurship. We offer accounting services for start ups. We know starting a new business takes research, planning and lots and lots of time to decide to run a business. We offer our help to complete time consuming task lime data entry, bookkeeping and accounting services for start up businesses like yours. So that you can focus on utilizing your own time to build business. In the process starting business, you do number of critical business activities of your own. You are trying to do all administrative and paper work of your own.

As a result of continued focus on business operations 24×7, you lags energy and enthusiasm when it comes to administration and paper work. Slowly and steadily things get piled and you don’t know how to overcome it.You lands into a situation wherein you business is managing you instead of you manage business.

How you should be utilizing your time for your business growth?

“Whereas you time should be is purely utilized in client acquisition and in delivering and handling customer service for establishing a successful business.” .

How to save time for business and family?

You require the knowledge of professionals who specialize to free up your time for more productive activities. To utilize your available resources to the fullest, it is highly advisable to hire professional help who are inexpensive and outsource labor intensive jobs.

We offer a completely outsourced accounting department service which can cut your costs by up to 60%. We are neither intended and nor will make you to switch your accountancy practice. We will work with you preferred accountancy practice as your own accounting department.

Hire Team of Bookkeepers – Professional Accountants – Start Ups Entrepreneurs

Actuit is an affordable accounting services provider business firm from India. The company specialize in providing back office staffing solution to business owners for accounting and data entry service. Our staff allows business owners to focus core focus areas for the growth of their respective business practices. By providing access to high-level accounting and tax compliance services at low cost, business firms and individuals achieve savings in hard dollars but also in soft costs, such as spending less time on accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Services we offer:

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Payroll
  • QuickBooks support
  • QuickBooks file review and GL Maintenance
  • Individual & corporate tax return preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Estimated tax calculations

We do offer bundled service package and pay as you go. We price each service individually as per your specific requirements.

If you are doing your books of your own in order to save time and money. But you are not sure it that is correct or not. Just let us know we will fix the QB file in fast and accurate way to help you and CPA Firm to do your taxes.

We are nearly 60% cheaper than any local accountant in your area.

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