Data Security

Data Security System

1. Facility is secured:

Security guards are on 24-hr. duty at facility locations. Guards check employees’/ persons bags to ensure that no data is improperly taken in or removed from the facilities. No employees is authorized to carry any pen /paper inside or outside the facility . Access to production floor and Server rooms are restricted. Visitors are granted access till visitors lounge only.

2.Access Control Cards:

All employees are provided with Access Control Cards to enter the facility and that logs employee movement in and out of the facility. Each access card bears the employee’s photograph and need to displayed prominently.

3.Machine Level Security:

Each employee is issued with a unique user ID and password and our ID Track systems logs the information accessed to perform the job. If any machine is left in active for 5-10 minutes, operating system will auto lock the machine and user must re-login to access the system. If improper login fails thrice, user must contact the system administrator with the approval of his/her supervisor to restore user’s access rights. We have a dedicated team to ensure this.

Each user must change his/her password every 30 days.

4. Internal Network and system:

Internal network and systems are secured by firewall protected proxy server for external threats. Users are not allowed to access Internet within the facility.

We hope that above security systems in place will help putting confidence in us related to your information.

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