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Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant for Bankruptcy Attorneys | India

virtual bankruptcy assistant
Actuit Assurance

We deploy job specific bankruptcy paralegal professional to prepare petitions your bankruptcy practice accurately and on time.

Paralegal Staff

You can hire trained paralegal staff for bankruptcy petition preparation and support etc. We only prepare chapter 7, chapter 13, and chapter 11 petition for bankruptcy attorneys.

Accounting Services

Our bankruptcy petition preparation services starts from source documents arrangement, review and preparation of chapter 7, chapter 13 and chapter 11 petitions etc. for bankruptcy attorneys only.

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Now a days VBA outsourcing is used as a tactic to improve operations by bankruptcy attorneys, looking to diversify with a goal of vertical growth coupled with positive financial performance. Today?s virtual bankruptcy assistant outsourcing has evolved to be a preferred method of practice management by bankruptcy attorney firms for numerous positive reasons. As outsourcing fulfills a need that transcends virtually all businesses.

Any business that helps other businesses perform better are well positioned to prosper far beyond the millennium change.

Some of today?s common reasons to use virtual bankruptcy assistant would be to:

  • Reduce and/or control operating costs
  • Improve firm focus on marketing and client interaction.
  • Access to additional resources and redeployment of internal resources
  • Free up resources for other purposes
  • Accelerate re engineering efforts
  • Accelerate migration to new technology
  • Enable quicker response to business drivers
  • Transform capital expenses and fixed assets to more flexible monthly expenses
  • Move to Higher Segments of the Value Added Chain (New Business Avenues)

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Advantages of Actuit

  • 100% Customer satisfaction is our first motto.
  • Dependable Quality Data Entry Service.
  • Guarantee the most Competitive Price.
  • FREE TRIAL to check Data Entry Quality
  • Quick - 24 hrs help desk, Online chat support.
  • Easy Payment Methods.
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How it Works. Engaging with consumers.

It Works and it is 3 Simple Steps Process

  • You can scan the documents and upload it to a secure server or e-mail the documents to our mail box or place it in your computer, so that we can access it remotely.
  • To send us the documents, you can either scan the documents and upload them to a secure FTP server.
  • You can send us the source documents by scanning the documents and uploading it to our server.
  • We will remotely access your QuickBooks company file. We will work through your company file with you.
  • Your dedicated bookkeeper and staff accountant will process and review each and every document transaction specific to your business. Our dedicated, skilled and reliable team will always take the appropriate action and keep your records up-to-date, up-to-the minute.
  • You get customized financial reports according to needs of your business.
  • Senior reporting review team distributes corresponding transactional & management reports with promptness and accuracy you can depend on.

Affordable within your budgets.

No longer stress about boring, tedious work that bogs you down and wastes your time.

Spending An Hour or Two Doing Tasks That Pay Less Then Flipping Burgers At McDonalds

You will get a QuickBooks representative from our company dedicated to you.

We reach out to your rep on an as needed basis to request a support meeting.

We will remotely access your QuickBooks company file. We will work through your company file with you.