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How it Work | Offshore Accounting Solution Team


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How it Work | Offshore Accounting Solution Team

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How it works!

It is as simple a 1-2-3 | Onboard Manager will guide you step by step

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Financial Resource Center : That helps you control cost, increase productivity and profitability

We help your business: 

  • With affordable staffing solution
  • With qualified resource at reduced costs
  • With improve operational efficiencies and automation
  • With cross functional integration of financial system
  • With accurate and descriptive financials statements on time;
  • Analyze the numbers with your CFO or CPA

Irrespective of type and size of your business, Actuit specializes in accounting and do acoounting as your own accounting department.

Important: In the absense of diligent account reconcialiton, your financial statements, and your tax liability, can be potentially wrong.

Actuit Assurance

We deploy job specific professional to carry out your job accurately and on time.

Staffing Solution

You can hire trained staff for data entry jobs, accounting, bookkeeping jobs, and tax return preparation support etc.


Our services starts from software setup, recordkeeping, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts payable management, and preparing tax ready financials for your CPA to file taxes.

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