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How it Work | Account Receivable Management @ Actuit


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How it Work | Account Receivable Management Team

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How it works! Account Receivable Management Team

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Accounts Receivable : We help you to streamline the invoice collection process

We'll also followup with customers for collection of invoices.

For us tracking invoices receivable, issuing debti memo for late payment charges for our clients is fun. Our team of receivable experts do it efficiently while ensuring that you maintain control which customer to service when and you only when you are paid.

With our accounts receivable outsourcing services, you create and we send invoices directly to customers. Your dedicated receivable expert will enter the invoice into QuickBooks and send the invoice to customer for payment.

To reduce risk of fraud, each payment is linked to invoice.. You can review cash postion your phone, iPad or computer.

Accurate invoice coding translates into more accurate financial statements

Bills are attached into QuickBooks, so you have support for your auditor, tax accountant or anyone who needs to see the invoices.

Each invoice transaction is reviewed for coding, as a result you have accurate financial.

We review the each payer on every check and accound code. If you don't look at the payer on the bank statement, you won't know if a invoice is collected in QuickBooks as paid by customer.

You always stay in control with multiple levels of approval. That means it's less likely that your office manager will pay her utility invoice with your check if the invoice is attached. And, it will no longer be easy for her to write a check to herself and change the payee to Vendor if a invoice needs to be attached supporting the check.

Detailed customer account statement reconciliation is an important step to speed up the year-end closing process and make you have accurate financial reports.

Important: In the absense of diligent account reconcialiton, your financial statements, and your tax liability, can be potentially wrong.

Actuit Assurance

We deploy job specific professional to carry out your job accurately and on time.

Staffing Solution

You can hire trained staff for data entry jobs, accounting, bookkeeping jobs, and tax return preparation support etc.


Our services starts from software setup, recordkeeping, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts receivable management, and preparing tax ready financial for your CPA to file taxes.

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